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Our exquisite methods of practice.

Art Over Industry

Vintage-batch, barrel by barrel. Cottage instead of factory. Flavor before efficiency. Love prior to spreadsheets.

Our mission is to develop beers with character that will age for years, yet consumable and tasty for your next special occasion. As with our senses, our beer responds to the environment in which it is placed.

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Minimal Ingredients & Handling

With pride, we fabricate beers from only the essential raw materials in order to allow time and mystery, two of our favorite ingredients, to provide maximize complexity and intrigue.

There are absolutely no additives, processing aids, mineral salts, stabilizers, or artificial CO2 added to our beer at any time during production.  In an era of hop madness, we use only one hop, the Cascade hop grown by Goschie Family Farms in Silverton, OR.

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Barrel Is An Individual

Our beer spends most of its initial life in oak barrels and virtually all of its life in the presence of yeast. We minimize contact with stainless steel throughout our brewing process.

Mashing, open fermentation, conditioning, and dry-hopping all take place in oak. Oak is porous and allows our yeasts and bacteria to take up residence inside, unlike stainless steel. It is through this ‘mixed fermentation’ that our beer develops such subtle complexities and character.

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Botellas Solomente

Direct from barrels, our beer is placed into bottles completely still.

Yeast and sugar added at this step take this still beer to sparkling in about 6 weeks, in the same manner as quality champagne. This method of bottle fermentation creates our unique flavor profile and intentionally generates high levels of carbonation. Additionally, our special house yeast culture stays in contact with the beer throughout its aging, adding complexity and acting as a natural anti-oxidant.

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Our beers, our beers I tell you!

CELEBRATE with The Ale Apothecary,where beer is reinvented by hand & brewed in oak!

The entire life of our beer, from extended mashing and fermentation to aging and conditioning, takes place in our beloved barrels. At each stage, our proprietary yeast blend and native beer-loving bacteria are in contact with the beer as they reside within the pores of the wood. Some of these organisms come in from Mother Nature through the window. Most of our beer is even dry-hopped in oak! Then, it is gently filtered into champagne bottles with wild brettanomyces yeast, sour wort from our house lactobacillus culture, and a combination of sugars, both local and exotic. The yeast consumes the sugar within the bottles to produce our exquisite & 100% natural carbonation and the acid from the sour wort adds balance.

The yeast remains in the bottle to further mature the beer over time and to combat oxidation. Our beer is made of NW ingredients with water that travels less than a hundred yards from our own underground aquifer. No processing aids, mineral salts, or sulfites are added at any point in the brewing process. Store upright & in the dark at 55 degrees until tomorrow (or for 3 years...or longer?), chill & open carefully with a wine key, and pour gently into your favorite piece of stemmed glassware. Savor (with a rich triple cream cheese, perhaps), as your sensory experience will be heightened as the beer warms & evolves during your drinking experience!

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9-11% Mixed Fermentation Ale

SAHALIE is the flagship brand of The Ale Apothecary, brewed year-round of malted barley & wheat and Goschie Farms Cascade Hops. Hop bitterness and acid produced by our house lactobacillus culture provide the balance to the malt and oak structure of the beer. She spends up to 1 year in our oak barrels during a long, relaxed fermentation prior to a month-long dry-hopping (yes, in oak barrels!). 
Our sensory experience is a tropical & citrus fruit nose of apricots, pineapple, and orange produced from yeast esters and hop oils. The palate is tart and pithy, combining earthy and herbal undertones that evolve as the beer warms & opens up within your glass.

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7-9% Mixed Fermentation Ale

The Beer Formerly Known as LA TACHE is the table sour produced year-round by The Ale Apothecary. (TBFKA) LA TACHE is made of malted barley & wheat and Goschie Farms Cascade Hops. The hops are used only for aroma as the balance of the beer comes from acid produced by our house lactobacillus culture. She spends 3-9 months in our barrels during a long, relaxed fermentation prior to a month-long dry-hopping (yes, in oak barrels!). Our sensory experience is lemon citrus & fermented orchard fruit nose over earthy undertones. The palate finishes with soft lactic acid balanced by the malt body.

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10-12% Mixed Fermentation Ale Brewed in Spruce

SAHATI is our interpretation of traditional Finnish sahti. Starting with a 200-year old Engelmann spruce tree felled on brewery property, we created our own kuurna (an ancient Scandinavian lauter tun) to separate the wort from the grain during brewing. The bottom of the kuurna is layered with spruce branches; the needles act as a natural filter and impart resinous oils into the wort. The hollowed-out trunk of the tree also contributes spruce essence and structure from the raw wood. The beer is made of barley & rye malts along with a sparing addition of Goschie Farms Cascade hops and is brewed just a few times per year.
 SAHATI is in many ways the very definition of The Ale Apothecary, where complex flavors arrive from the very methods used for production…the result is the process impacts the flavor profile at least as much as the ingredients themselves.

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12-14% Mixed Fermentation Ale Aged in Brandy Barrels

EL CUATRO is made of barley and caramel malts co-mingling with lactobacillus and brettanomyces. After brewing and conditioning, the beer is transferred into brandy barrels to age for up to a year during an extended Brettanomyces Lambicus fermentation. Prior to bottling, the beer is blended with a small portion of year-old SAHALIE. The only hops added to this beer arrive from the aged SAHALIE. 
The brandy barrels and wild yeast fermentation give EL CUATRO a plum & cherry fruitiness balanced by the slight toast of the malt body.


The Dispenser of Provisions

10-12% Mixed Fermentation Ale Aged on Wild Blackcurrant

SPENCER (The Dispenser of Provisions) is our annual fruit beer. In the early fall, we harvest wild blackcurrant fruit and add it to a batch of year-old SAHALIE. The sugars in the fruit produce another fermentation and the blackcurrant tannins create additional structure over the 8-month aging period. Prior to bottling, the beer is dry-hopped for a month in oak barrels. With close to 2 years in oak, Spencer has a much more developed Brettanomyces character than our other beers.
 Because of the extremely limited quantity of wild blackcurrant available, we produce only one oak barrel of Spencer every year. This beer is unlabeled and reserved exclusively for our Ale Club members.

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An eclectic group of creative persons.

About The New & The Old

Paul is descended from 3 generations of independent drug-store operators, hence the brewery name. Using knowledge & hindsight gained from the last 200 years of industrial brewing, he strives to create beers that embody the spirit of the last 2,000 years of cottage and farmhouse beer; unpredictable, wild, and totally independent.

New & Old Photo 2 My family at the brewery.
New & Old Photo 6 Our flagship beer.
New & Old Photo 3 The beginning.
New & Old Photo 4 Photo of my grandfathers shop.
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Visiting Our Brewery

Our small brewery is closed to the public for the time being to focus on our brewing.

We will begin allowing random visits sometime again in August.

Bottles may be found at the fine establishments listed below, but call ahead to be sure!